• Business Cheque account

    Our Business cheque account is ideal for businesses with high volume transaction needs. For greater flexibility, you have access to an overdraft facility to manage your cash flow requirements.

  • Business Basic account

    Our Business Basic account is designed for those businesses that have low transaction requirements, and want to manage funds by separating your accounts. The Business Basic account has no monthly service fee, and two included transaction fees, so you basically pay for what you use.

  • Business Plus account

    If your business account has a balance that isn’t used in your daily cash flow, consider our Business Plus account. The Business Plus account pays a higher interest rate than our transaction accounts, while still providing access to services like BPay and Visa Debit.

  • Business Online Saver account

    The Business Online Saver is a savings account that gives you easy access to your business funds, while still earning a high rate of interest. It’s designed for those businesses that prefer to transact online. You can't directly withdraw cash from the account, but you can access your funds at any time by simply transferring them to your linked transaction account (like an All Access account) using internet banking.

  • Business loans

    If you are looking for a small business loan, please contact your local Branch Manager to discuss your needs. We lend for almost any worthwhile purpose and are happy to help wherever possible.

  • Business Visa credit card

    The Visa Business Credit card gives you the flexibility and convenience to manage your day to day business finances and streamlines your expense management by providing detailed statements for the business and individual cardholder spending.

    Interest rate from

    13.2 Percent per annum

  • Commercial overdrafts

    Our commercial overdrafts provide greater control over cash-flow and are designed to help you manage your day to day finances. With funds always available for unexpected expenses, the business overdrafts are great for paying bills, making purchases, and also withdrawing cash for business expenses.

    Interest rate from

    6.74 Percent per annum