10 free transactions each month
Monthly fee waived for balances over $5,000
Visa Debit card

The Cash Management account is tailored for those who desire complete accessibility to their funds while accumulating interest on their balance. Additionally, the Cash Management account provides a fantastic solution during those opportunities when money needs to be parked between purchases or investments.

Additional information

  • Applicants for a Cash Management account must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Statements are issued quarterly and can be received electronically or via post. Please ensure your contact details are current.
  • Interest is calculated on the minimum daily balance on a stepped basis with a different interest rate paid for the portions of your account balance that fall within set dollar ranges (‘steps’). Interest is paid monthly.


  • 10 free transactions per month*
  • $6 monthly account service fee (free is waiver met)**
  • Your choice of Visa Debit card or CueCard
  • Online and telephone access
  • 24/7 worldwide access and support
  • [email protected]
  • Mobile App

Rates & Fees

Product Interest rate
Balances $1 < $5,000 0.10
Balances $5,000 < $10,000 0.10
Balances $10,000 < $20,000 0.40
Balances $20,000 < $50,000 0.65
Balances $50,000 < $100,000 0.65
Balances $100,000 < $250,000 1.40
Balances $250,000 < $500,000 1.40
Balances $500,000+ 1.65
Rates effective from Monday 11 February 2019
Fee Amount
Monthly fee $6
Transaction fees Some transaction types are not included in the free transactions. Fees may apply. Fees apply to transactions beyond the free transaction limit.
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The fine print

* Refer to our Fees and Charges brochure for information on transactions which do not incur a fee, and information on transactions which may attract fees and charges

** Monthly account service fee waived if minimum monthly balance remains above $5,000

Note: Rates are subject to change without notice. Fees and charges are payable. Terms and Conditions apply and are available on request. Interest Rates for the Cash Managemen account is calculated on a stepped basis with a different interest rate paid for parts of your account balance that fall within set dollar ranges (‘steps’). All other interest rates quoted are per annum and are calculated on a tiered basis with interest paid on the entire balance at the applicable tiered interest rate.

Before acquiring this product, the information above should be read in conjunction with the following document to determine if this product is right for you or your child: Personal Savings and Transaction Accounts Product Information Brochure; Fees and Charges brochureFinancial Services Guide; and Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use