At Queensland Country Credit Union, we are proud to offer regional Queenslanders a strong alternative to the big banks. The main difference between Queensland Country Credit Union and the big banks, is that on becoming a customer of our credit union, you receive a membership share in the business; making you a part owner.

As well as the ownership stake, your membership gives you an equal say in the running of the business. You have the democratic right to vote at Annual General Meetings and participate in the election of the Board of Directors.

What this really means for you, is that we are focused on you as a customer-owner rather than shareholders. Decisions about how we run the business and price our products in the market for example are focused on trying to provide you, our customer-owner, with the best outcomes.

We also strive to offer fairer banking and so subscribe to a number of Codes of Practice to ensure we are accountable for what we do and transparent in how we do it.