The opportunity to build a genuine, customer-owned alternative to the big banks for all Queenslanders is the driving force behind the merger with ECU, along with the proposed merger of Queensland Country Credit Union and Queenslanders Credit Union.

The proposed merger will form the second largest Queensland based Credit Union, with assets approaching $2.1 Billion and a network of 38 branches and agencies stretching from Stanthorpe in the south to Weipa in the north and west to Mount Isa. It would see Queenslanders customers enjoy a wider range of banking services and access to Queensland Country’s award winning Health Fund.

In May 2016, Queensland Country and ECU announced their intention to merge to create a stronger future and build a major local banking force in Queensland, with assets exceeding $1.5 billion and a customer base of over 70,000 Queenslanders.

This page will provide updates for Members, to keep you informed of the process of the two mergers.

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Please visit this page regularly for updates, or call us on 1800 075 078 for more information. To submit an enquiry or any feedback, you can also email

Welcome ECU Members!

On 1 September ECU will commence the final stage of our full transition to Queensland Country and a new banking system and there’s a few things you need to know – and do – to be ready.

FAQs for ECU's merge on September 1

ECU Merge Sept 1

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What is happening with the merger?

At 4pm Friday 1 September 2017, ECU will commence the final stage of our full transition to Queensland Country and we will come together under one banking system and one brand. This will culminate in a stronger and better credit union for our Members.

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Where can I get help?

If you have any queries the Welcome Guide and Welcome Letter sent to you provide lots of useful information. ECU's Contact Centre 1800 383 791 is here to help and will be open extended hours over the conversion weekend.

  • Friday 1 September 2017 - 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday 2 September 2017 – 8am to 6pm
  • Sunday 3 September 2017 – 8am to 6pm

For a full list of branch locations see page 21 in of the Welcome Guide.

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What will happen at 4pm on Friday 1 September 2017?

ECU branches will close at 4pm. Internet banking, mobile banking including the App and Phone Banking will be unavailable from 4pm.

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How long will online and phone banking be unavailable?

From 4.00pm on Friday, 1 September 2017 until Sunday morning, 3 September 2017. We will provide regular updates via Facebook on how the conversion is progressing and online banking availability.

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Will I still be able to use my ECU cards?

Yes, you can continue to use your existing ECU cards to access funds and undertake transactions as normal during the conversion as ECU cards and ATM access will not be impacted for cash withdrawals, credit or EFTPOS transactions during the conversion.

Funds transfers between accounts will not be possible during this time so you must ensure you have sufficient funds in the account your card is attached to prior to 4pm Friday 1 September 2017.

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Where do I go to log-on into internet banking once banking is back online on Sunday 3 September 2017?

You should log into Queensland Country’s internet banking site

You will need to complete some simple steps to register. Full details have been provided in earlier correspondence – Important Changes to your ‘Online and Phone Banking Facilities’ or see page 14 in the Welcome Guide.

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What do I do to access App banking?

Members currently using the ECU App will need to download the Queensland Country App from the Apple App Store or Google Play and register.

You must be registered for internet banking and SMS security prior to registering the App. You will need to complete some simple steps to register. Full details have been provided in earlier correspondence – Important Changes to your ‘Online and Phone Banking Facilities’ or see Page 15 in the Welcome Guide.

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Is there any change to my Membership Number?

As there is now more of us - and one banking system - you will notice that we’ve added some digits to your existing ECU Membership number to make it up to a nine (9) digit Customer Number that begins with ‘2’ followed by the required number of zeros.

Your new Customer Number is unique to you and replaces your ECU Member number from Sunday 3 September 2017 onwards.

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When will the ECU branches and ATM’s be rebranded?

Rebranding of the ECU branches and ATM’s will commence on 25 August 2017 and continue until 2 September 2017. From Monday 4 September 2017 ECU staff will be wearing Queensland Country uniforms and be greeting you with the same warm welcome.

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Can I use a Queensland Country branch to do my banking?

Yes, from Monday 4 September 2017 you will benefit from the extended branch network, Members will be able to conduct their banking at any of the 29 Queensland Country Branches or three agencies.

For branch locations visit here or see page 21 of the Welcome Guide.

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Will the Queensland Country branches be open on Saturday 2 September 2017?

No, all Queensland Country branches will be closed on Saturday 2 September 2017 which is required for the success of the conversion process.

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When will I receive my new Queensland Country Debit and Credit Cards?

ECU cards will gradually be replaced with a Queensland Country card on expiry or if damaged, lost or stolen.

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Do I need to set up my payroll deductions or direct debit again?

No, your existing payroll deductions and direct debit will remain in place and will work as they currently do in the ECU system in the Queensland Country system.

When setting up new debits and credits we encourage you to use your new Unique Account Number and Queensland Country’s BSB 704-640.

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Will my periodical payments continue to operate?

Yes, existing periodical payments will continue to operate. You can set up new periodical payments in branch or online using the unique account numbers of the preferred accounts.

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Can I expect any changes to my products or services?

The products offered by each credit union are very similar and we believe in most cases we have matched products like for like, but some changes are unavoidable.

On conversion each products or account will be given a unique account number and transferred to a similar Queensland Country product; full details regarding your new account or product details including unique account number/s and account names are detailed in your Welcome Letter. Unless previously advised, your product remains unchanged - but with a new name.

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What is a Unique Account Number?

A Unique Account Number (UAN) is Queensland Country’s equivalent to ECU’s Account Number (also known as the Alternate Reference Number). It allows easy identification of each of your accounts.

  • For savings accounts they go from a nine digit number to an eight digit number with the existing first four numbers changing from 1000 to three digits of 220. 
  • If you have a loan account, don’t expect any changes, your unique account number will stay the same. 
  • If you have a term deposit account you will be issued with a new unique
  • account number. 

Full details were included in your Welcome Letter.

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Can I still use my S, L or I type identifiers?

No, Queensland Country’s banking system does not use S, L and I type identifiers, you will need to use your new unique account number and product names, as detailed in your Welcome Letter.

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Does my mortgage rate or contract stay the same with Queensland Country?

Yes, your interest rate remains unchanged and overall the majority of features will be moved across with no change. There will be some minor changes to the Redraw facility and fees; and the Home Loan Annual Package Fee.

Full details were sent to Members in early August 2017.

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Will the BSB change?

No, the BSB will remain 654-019. But moving forward we encourage you to use your new Unique Account Number/s and Queensland Country’s BSB 704-640.

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Will my existing internet payees migrate across to Queensland Country’s internet banking?

Yes, all of your existing trusted payees from the ECU system will migrate across to the new internet banking and mobile banking app over the migration weekend.

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Will my ECU security token still work in Queensland Country’s internet banking?

No, ECU security tokens will not migrate across. New tokens will be required.

See full details that were provided in earlier correspondence – Important Changes to your ‘Online and Phone Banking Facilities’ sent in early August 2017.

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What should I do with my ECU hard Security Token?

Once we migrate across to Queensland Country’s Banking system your old hard security token will be redundant. You can either return to your local branch or dispose of.

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What if I’m unable to pick-up a copy of the Queensland Country Fees and Charges brochure?

We understand that not every Member has easy access to a branch. You can download a copy of the Queensland Country Fees and Charges brochure online.

If you'd like a hard copy, simply call 1800 383 791 and we can post one to you.

About the mergers

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Why have Queensland Country and ECU Australia merged?

The merger is a perfect match for both businesses. Both Queensland Country Credit Union and ECU were established in the early 1970s to support fairer banking for hard working regional Queenslanders.

Both credit unions have a strong reputation in North Queensland for their personal service, community support and fairer approach to banking. We are both committed to offering members values-based, easy, fair, locally owned banking products and services that customers can trust genuinely have their best interest at heart.

A merger between Queensland Country Credit Union and ECU aligns with the strategic aspirations of both businesses. The move supports the long term growth strategy for the credit unions and will help us achieve our near term operational targets. The core values of the two organisations perfectly align and the similar product suites and complementary branch network makes this an opportunity members can be excited about.

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About Queenslanders Credit Union

  • Queenslanders was formed in 1963 as the Queensland Public Service Employees’ Credit Union.
  • Some of the Credit Unions that have merged into Queenslanders over their history include Austax Credit Union, Ipswich Credit Union; Queensland Coal Mining Industry Credit Co-op and Media Credit Union
  • They currently have approximately 17,000 customers, employ 52 staff and have total assets of almost $350 Million.
  • Queenslanders have a network of five branches: Brisbane (George Street), Townsville (Annandale) and Ipswich (Booval, Brassall and Yamanto).
  • Queenslanders support local communities through sponsorships and donations in a similar way to Queensland Country Credit Union. They support such groups as the Ipswich Rugby League Referees Association, the South Brisbane Rugby Union Club, Ipswich Junior Cricket and Ipswich Cycling Club.
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What will the merger with Queenslanders Credit Union achieve?

  • A stronger, more resilient, Queensland centric, mutually owned organisation.
  • Significant operational savings from head and back office synergies, which could be used to fund improved services and functionality.
  • The opportunity to grow, without sacrificing the unique relationship we currently hold with our customers.
  • An improved range of products, services and access channels for customers.
  • An enhanced commitment to our customers, communities, and the customer-owned banking model.