Almost every Queensland Country branch has an ATM for your convenience. Visit our ATM locator to find your nearest Queensland Country ATM.

Partner ATMs

We have also partnered with Westpac to give you access to a national ATM network where you don't get slapped with additional fees.

This partnership increases the number of fee friendly ATMs we provide for your convenience by 2,500.

If you have an All Access Account, you can choose to use any or all of your free transactions each month at a partnered ATM, and you will be charged a reduced fee on subsequent transactions.

For all of our other transaction accounts, you'll continue to get up to two free Westpac or St George ATM transactions each month, and lower fees on subsequent transactions, compared to other banks' ATMs.

Using other banks' ATMs

Direct charging is where banks, credit unions and building societies set a fee for people using "foreign" cards at their ATM - that is, from a different financial institution. By using any ATM other than Queensland Country or Westpac to withdraw money, you will be debited your withdrawal amount plus the direct charge fee that the ATM owner has set (which usually ranges from $1.50 to $2.50). You may also be charged a fee from Queensland Country for using a foreign ATM.

Visiting Queensland Country or partner ATMs is a good way to avoid ATM direct charging fees. Find your nearest Queensland Country and partner ATM using our ATM locator.