Queensland Country ATMs Fee Free

As the nation enjoys the ability to use ATMs from any of the four major banks fee free, we have announced that we will also be waiving charges for non-members to use the majority of our ATMs from November 1, 2017. 

Queensland Country CEO Aileen Cullen said that the credit union was pleased to be able to open their network up to non members predominantly fee free.

“As a member owned organisation, Queensland County was delighted that the recent updates to ATM charges quadrupled the number of places our members could easily access cash without fees across the nation.

“We know that nobody enjoys paying unnecessary charges and already offer Members affordable banking products designed to meet their needs rather than profit shareholders. Now we’re extending that service beyond our Members to welcome anyone from any bank access to cash from all but two Queensland Country ATM’s across the state without paying a fee.”

Non Queensland Country Members withdrawing cash from the Weipa and Glenden ATMs will still pay a nominal charge to help offset the actual cost of maintaining services in these regions.

“The significant cost of servicing and supplying cash to ATMs in remote parts of the state puts many financial institutions off providing them there at all. Queensland Country was founded in Mount Isa over forty-five years ago and our commitment to providing essential services for all Queenslanders hasn’t changed.

“Our Members won’t pay to use our ATM in these areas, but non members will still be charged in Weipa and Glenden only. Our other ATMs, from Mount Isa to Brisbane CBD, will be fee free for everyone.”

There has been some speculation that the big banks may start to reduce their ATM network over time to reduce their operating costs in the wake of these changes, but Cull says they are confident that the network available now will prove beneficial and Queensland Country are taking steps to improve services for Members in the future.

“Technologies like payWave continue to grow in popularity and many of our Members are already taking a cash free approach to managing their finances.

“Next year we’ll introduce real time payments for Members when the New Payments Platform is introduced.

“It’s technology advances like these that we are excited to be continually able to deliver to our Members now as a result of upgrading our core banking system late last year.”

Queensland Country is a Member owned credit union with 29 branches and two agencies across Queensland with their head office based in Townsville.