Top 10 DIY Bon Bon Gift Ideas

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You'll be able to make your own bon bons and fill them with your very own DIY gifts or fillers. We've shared our top 10 ideas to help get your started.

1. Baked treats like fudge, gingerbread men, rum balls, apricot balls, rocky road, flavoured popcorn or christmas bark

2. Homemade herbal tea or hot chocolate mixes 

3. Bag of glitter attached to the cracker for a glittery burst

4. Personalised letter to your Christmas party attendees

5. Christmas poems or stories

6. Truth or dare

7. Plant seeds - flowers, vegetables, fruit

8. DIY gift vouchers - 10 minute massage, night off washing the dishes, 1 x breakfast in bed

9. Lottery or 'lucky draw' with one prize to award the lucky winner

10. Homemade Christmas ornaments

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DIY Christmas Bon Bons: How to