Banish the burglars

Don’t get caught out by household theft

Household burglary is still one of the most widespread crimes in Australia . Did you know that the start of the year is the worst time for home burglaries? Windows are left open due to hot weather, people take holidays and share it on social media and doors are unlocked as residents spend time in the garden. Consider these three tips to help deter thieves.

Lock up

This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. The easiest way in for a thief is through unlocked doors or windows, so lock them every time even if you’re at home. Consider deadlocks too. And don't hand thieves the tools to break in – garages and sheds are full of helpful tools to break in so make sure you lock these up and don’t leave tools lying around. Ditto to keys – leave spare keys with a trusted neighbour, friend or family member instead of in obvious locations, like under mats or flowerpots. And while you’re locking things, don’t forget the fuse box if it's outside – this prevents burglars from turning off the power in the hope of also turning off lights or alarms.

Make noise

Well, consider having a dog who will let you know if a stranger appears and install an alarm. Both make noises that thieves don’t like. Simple. But remember, just because an alarm is activated doesn’t mean it will respond unless you have a back-to-base alarm installed. If you do have an alarm, use window stickers to warn that there’s an alarm system and that property is marked. Also, consider fitting a timer switch that allows the lights and radio and TV to come on and go off now and again.

Be seen

Thieves don’t like being seen or on show so by making your house more visible from the street, you are making it harder for a criminal to creep in on the sly. Trim trees and plants to create a clear view from the house to the street if possible and install security cameras for hard-to-see places. Leave a light on inside and while you’re at it, get friendly with the neighbours so you can widen your neighbourhood security network. And don’t open your door or provide access to your home without knowing who’s there – that includes verifying the identity of any charity collectors, tradespeople or salespeople.

In the event that you find yourself the victim of a break and enter, plan to ensure that your home and contents are adequately covered with the right insurance policy for you – that includes accounting for any purchases in your policy, keeping an inventory of all insured possessions, and updating your policy with any new fixtures or fittings that could be damaged.

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