How to not blow your budget at the EKKA

Heading to events like the Royal Queensland Show (affectionately known as the Ekka) can really make your wallet feel the burn. But with these tips, you’ll have an amazing time at this year’s Ekka without setting your wallet on fire.

Before you go: Plan ahead

Decide how much you’re willing to spend and what things you want to buy and do. Think about things like how many rides you’d like to go on or consider the cost of that special show bag you have your eye on. Show bags this year range from $5 all the way up to $28! So, keep your Ekka plan realistic and simple.

To get your budget started, these are the admission prices for Ekka 2018:

Type of Admission

Who’s Included?


Little Ekka Pass

4 years old and under                                                


Child Pass

5 – 14 years old


Concession Pass

Students, Seniors and Other Concessions


Adult Pass

15 years old & over


Adult & Child Pass

One Adult (15 years old & over) and One Child (5 – 14 years old)


Family Pass

Two Adults (15 years old & over) and Two Children (5 – 14 years old)


Twilight Pass

Entry Valid After 6pm


Ten Day Pass

Only available online until 9th of August


There are lots of great discounts available to get food, beverages and rides at a discounted price:

Discount Card Type


$50 Food & Beverage Discount Card


$20 Discount Ride Card


$50 Discount Ride Card


$100 Discount Ride Card


And, what Ekka is complete without one of their famous strawberry sundaes? Budget these in at $5 each.

There are plenty of free family friendly activities, so make sure you include them in your day at Ekka.

Have a savings goal:

Now that you have an idea about what you’d like to do or buy at the Ekka, you’ll be able to set a savings goal to use on the day. Set your goal slightly higher than what you actually need, this will give you a little extra wriggle room if you happen to come across something unexpected that you want to do or buy.

The sooner you begin saving the more money you’ll have. So if you like the tips in this blog but haven’t saved for this year, you can start now for next year. Putting aside as little as $5.00 a week can save you close to $500 for next year – that’s a big day at the show!

At the Ekka: Stick to the plan

Since you’ve already thought about all the fun things you’d like to do, make sure you stick to your guns. Impulse buying is a trap your wallet would rather you avoided. If you’re really tempted, ask yourself if you truly want it? If the answer is yes then be prepared to slightly adjust your budget accordingly or sacrifice something else in your planned day out.

Another great way to avoid overspending is by leaving the cards at home and only taking cash with you. But if you’re not comfortable walking around with lots of cash in your wallet, not to worry, there are many free budgeting apps such as Spending Tracker available to help keep an eye on your spending throughout the day.


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