More Members to enjoy fee-free transactional banking

On 1 November 2018, Queensland Country Credit Union will adopt a new fee structure.

One of the significant changes will see any personal Members who receive a monthly salary credit of $1,000 or more into an All Access account have their usual Monthly Account Service Fee waived for that month.

This is a significant reduction from the $2,000 in salary credits required to receive the same exemption under the previous fee structure, and makes the ability to enjoy fee-free transactional banking much more achievable for many Members.

In addition to this significant change, a number of other small, everyday banking fees such as external transfer fees, direct debit fees and EFTPOS charges have been removed from personal accounts.

“We’re always looking for ways to provide better value and more convenience for our Members. The revised fee structure is simpler and easier to understand,” CEO Aileen Cull said.

“By reducing the amount of salary credit a Member requires to qualify for a fee waiver, we are rewarding our loyal Members and ensuring we can provide low or no fee transactional banking to a larger portion of the Membership,” she added.

The Fees and Charges brochure, which contains the full details of the new fees structure, can be viewed here.