These days, it’s easy to access your money overseas.

We recommend that you take more than one source of funds when travelling overseas, so if one is lost, stolen or inaccessible you will still have another option to access cash for travelling expenses.

  • Visa credit and Visa debit cards – Our Visa credit and debit cards are accepted anywhere on the Visa network across the world, giving you access to over 1 million ATMs and 24 million merchants in 170 countries
  • CueCard – Your CueCard is accepted worldwide on the Cirrus and Maestro network, so you can use it at any ATM displaying the symbols (displayed on your card)
  • Cash passport – a prepaid, PIN-protected card that can be loaded with foreign currency and isn’t linked to your bank account, giving you added peace of mind.
  • Foreign currency – we can arrange currency for over 35 countries

Taking a combination of foreign currency, a Multi-currency Cash Passport card™, and your Queensland Country debit and/or credit card will help minimise the risk of being left without access to money overseas.

We can arrange for a Multi-currency Cash Passport™ card for you and can also provide foreign currency banknotes for over 30 countries in a variety of denominations. The Multi-currency Cash Passport™ is a pre-paid, PIN protected card that enables you to obtain local currency from overseas ATMs.

Multi-currency Cash Passport™

The ideal way to carry your travel spending money.

  • International ATM transactions
  • Multiple currencies on a single card**
  • Chip and PIN protected
  • 24/7 global emergency assistance

Find out more about Multi-currency Cash Passport™.

Foreign Cash

Have some local currency on you when travelling.

  • Pre-order your foreign cash at any Queensland Country Branch
  • Be prepared with local currency when you arrive at your destination
  • A range of currencies available

Access your money overseas

Your Visa debit and credit cards make great travel companions.

Find out more about accessing your money overseas.

**Before you make a decision to acquire the Card, please check for the latest currencies supported.

Access Prepaid Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 47 145 452 044, AFSL 386 837) arranges for the issue of the Cash Passport in conjunction with the issuer. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant Cash Passport available at before deciding to acquire the product. Any advice does not take into account your personal needs, financial circumstances or objectives and you should consider if it is appropriate for you. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.
Travelex Limited (ABN 36 004 179 953) (AFSL 222444) offers foreign currency. Refer to information on Travelex Ltd and its products.

Tips when travelling



If you’re planning an overseas holiday, there are lots of things to consider, including how you’ll access your funds, the security of your money overseas, staying on top of payments while you’re away, travel insurance and what to do before you go.

Visit our travelling overseas page for some useful information to think about before you go overseas.

If you’re planning an overseas holiday, there are lots of things to consider, including how you’ll access your funds, the security of your money overseas, staying on top of payments while you’re away, travel insurance and what to do before you go.

Before you go

Let us know you’re travelling

Give us a call on 1800 075 078 to let us know that you’ll be travelling overseas, where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. Queensland Country monitors your transactions to protect you against fraud on your account. If your card is used in an unexpected location, we may put a temporary block on access to your account until we can contact you to confirm the transaction is deliberate. If we’re aware that you’ll be overseas, if any foreign transactions are picked up by Orion, our fraud monitoring service, we’ll be able to confirm that the transactions are legitimate. If you don’t tell us, and we can’t get hold of you, your card may be cancelled.

Provide us with details of the mobile phone number and email address that we can contact you on if we need to do so, and remember to stay in touch if you have any unexpected changes to your travel plans.

If you have more than one source of funds, you will still be able to enjoy your holiday, while knowing steps are being taken to protect your funds against fraud.

Know your PIN

In some countries you may need to use your PIN instead of signing to authorise your purchase, or you may need to provide both so it’s a good idea to memorise your PIN before you leave the country.

Check your expiry date

Make sure your card won’t expire while you are away. Contact us a few weeks before your departure to organise a new one if your card is due to expire during your trip.

Register with to receive travel advice updates and to help the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs contact you in an emergency.

Arrange travel insurance

As exciting as travelling overseas is, it’s important to prepare for any unexpected events that may happen when you’re in another country.

We can arrange travel insurance for you so you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for anything that might happen.

While you’re away

Use your card securely – keep it in your sight at all times and cover your PIN when entering it on foreign terminals.

Assistance with your card - if your card is lost or stolen while you're overseas, you can call +61 2 9959 7686.

Alternatively, if you need assistance with your Visa card when overseas, please call Visa Global Customer Assistance on +1 303 967 1090 (collect call available if phoning through the local phone network operator). They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managing your money while you’re away

Make sure you organise to take care of any bills or payments that might fall due, including loan repayments, rent, utilities and more, before you go away. If you can, pay them in advance or schedule them so you don’t have to worry about them.

Internet Banking is a great way to manage your funds overseas so you can check up on any transactions that you’ve made. You can make payments, transfers to and from your accounts and more, exactly the same as if you were still in Australia.

Set up your billers before you leave in case you need to pay a bill through online banking while you're away. If you use online banking, you may be sent an SMS to confirm the transaction, which may not be possible if you're not using your usual mobile phone number, and you won't be able to complete the transaction.

Wherever possible, you should try to avoid accessing Internet Banking from a public computer. But if you do while you're away, make sure you:

  • Check the computer has current anti-virus and firewall protection, as Trojan viruses or spyware can steal passwords and account numbers.
  • Log-out completely when you finish

Visa also provide further information on tips when travelling overseas.

If you'd like to know more, call our Contact Centre on 1800 075 078 for any travel enquiries.