Who we are

We're an independent, customer-owned organisation. When you become a Member of the credit union, you become part-owner. We exist to provide you with better banking products and fairer banking, not to line the pockets of shareholders.

We're proud to offer a strong alternative to the big banks. We're regulated by the very same authority as the major banks, and offer the same government guarantee to secure your deposits. Most of the savings deposited with the credit union are loaned back to customers and our diverse asset base provides our strength and security.

Community development and personal growth matter to us, which is why we contribute to the communities we live in through our sponsorships program, partnering with community groups to help in raising funds and our Community Grants Scheme

We were born in Mount Isa in 1971 as the Isa Mine Employees' Credit Union Limited, but over the years we've grown through our desire to help all Queenslanders with their banking and lending needs.