Why (good) customer service in banking still matters

It’s too often true that you don’t realise the value of good customer service until you have a bad experience.

For former Big Four bank customer Angela, the decision to switch from a Big Four to a credit union was the culmination of many disappointing customer service encounters.

“We felt like a drop in the ocean,” admits Angela. “They weren’t personable. When you go there to do a transaction you just sit there like you’re waiting for a bus. And of course I would ring up, press 4, press 6, press 2, get put on hold, get cut off, have to explain my details and my situation again, it was frustrating.”

After purchasing a new car, paid for with cash, Angela contacted her Big Four institution to arrange insurance.

“It all went through as far as I was concerned, but then no paperwork came through,” recalls Angela. “After six weeks or so I phoned and said, ‘I’m still waiting for my paperwork for the insurance’, they said ‘Oh, your car’s not insured’. I was really dissatisfied with that.

Later, urged by heavy television advertising to contact her bank to discuss her mortgage interest rate, Angela phoned again.

“They said, ‘We can certainly help you there’. They took down our details again, like we were strangers to the bank; and we never heard back from them.”

Angela and her husband Tony already had a personal loan with Queensland Country Credit Union, so decided to move everything over to the smaller financial institution.

“Our transition to Queensland Country happened over the Christmas break, and it’s not easy to do any sort of business as everyone’s closing down,” recalls Angela. “We wanted to have it, particularly the business accounts, moved over by January 1. And it happened.

“It’s just been so pleasant. It’s a credit to Mario [Queensland Country’s Deeragun branch manager Mario Romeo] and his staff. They’re just amazing,” shares Angela.

“I was in Coles the other day and this lady walked past and said, ‘Hi Angela how are you going?’ and I thought, ‘oh I know your face’. It was someone from Queensland Country!”

To discover great customer service, enquire about switching over to Queensland Country Credit Union by phoning 1800 075 078 or visiting your local branch.

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